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    BCM43341 ULP Host options

      Is the STM32L series a good option to pair with the BCM43341? I care about ultra low power consumption for an extremely low duty cycle application (leakage power can potentially dominate). STM32F is nice but not great at ULP, although it offers SDIO and hardware based encryption for SSL/TLS stuff. I'd like to know about potential scenarios with other families as well (EFMs, MSP430 etc).



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          We have some partners with lower power alternatives.  I suggest you just be careful in selecting the proper amount of memory to meet your needs.

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            ACKme has some very low power solutions for you.

            You can use our hardware either using the WICED approach or via our API called WiConnect.

            I was going to respond yesterday but we are on the brink of a new WiConnect firmware release that offers even lower power modes and I wanted to get you those numbers too.

            The ACKme designs typically use the BCM 43362 and then a different core and memory depending on the features or target market we aimed them at.


            Maybe we should chat offline so I can better understand what you are trying to do and then I can help dial you in to the solution that may best suit your need.


            So neither of us end up publishing our email addresses here in the forum, can you either call me at +1 408 402 5708 (California) or shoot me a quick note via our contact form? (ACKme Networks Ticket Tracking)



            Nick Dutton

            VP Business Development

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