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    CYUSB3KIT-001 can't get 5V in vbus when in the USB host mode

      Hello, I have downloaded the sample code of USB host into the CYUSB3KIT-001 board. However, the voltage value of VBUS keeps zero.


      Base on the schematic, VBUS is enabled by the USB_DRV_VBUS while USB_DRV_VBUS is determined by CTL4_LT. CTL4_LT is connected to the port A of TXC0101DBVR (U45) and USB_DRV_VBUS is connected to the port B as shown in the Figure1. I can get 3.3V in CTL4_LT but only around 2.7V in USB_DRV_VBUS. I think that is why the VBUS keeps zero. What confuses me is the port A voltage should less or equal to port B according to the datasheet, but it is on the contrary actually.


      By the way, figure 2 shows the setting of my board.