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    Measuring Battery life with BCM20732S

      Is there any documentation on trying to understand how battery monitoring works with the BCM20732S? I see that an input must be initialized as a GPIO_BAT setting and that it uses the UUID/profile set for the battery service/characteristic. However, my battery reads at 100 every time I can it, even though it isn't.

      Futhermore, this is a snippet from our debug:


           Battery level is critical, Shutting down

           Prepare Powersave!!!


           Start Powersave!!!

           Normal and Fine Timer killed

           Battery level: 0/100

           Fine Timer(1000 ms, 1/sec, 80 tick)

           Normal Timer(1 s, 80 tick)


           AppTimer(adv, conn) stopped: 1



      Although it says shutdown, the app does keep running. Does anyone have any idea how I can get a correct relevant battery reading?