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    FX2LP: reboot from I2C after update without physically replugging?

      Hello all,


      is it possible to force a reboot from I2C without powering down the device or toggling the hardware reset pin ?


      During production of our boards the FX2LP boots with an empty I2C eeprom. With the USB Control Center application (or our own software using the cypress library functions) the firmware is written into the eeprom. But this is not yet actually running this new firmware (which is needed for the next steps of production). Is it possible to force a reboot from I2C without physically replugging the device ??? (which we want to avoid of course during production)


      Another option would be to, after programming the firmware into eeprom, load the same firmware again into RAM and run this firmware for the next steps, but this is not the preferred solution (cleaner would be to really reboot from the eeprom which verifies the eeprom to be correct)


      Any input appreciated,