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    Comparing ADC Output

      Hi, I am implementing an exercise to compare ADC output with a certain voltage threshold (voltage value in digital form). Wanted to know what the best component is to use?

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          You are comparing the ADC Output (which is in digital form) with another threshold voltage (which is also in digital form)? Can you please tell me how you are feeding that threshold voltage to the PSoC?


          If both are in digital form, the you can simply compare them in the firmware. If the Threashold voltage is to be fed in analog form and then it is converted to digital, then you can use another channel of the ADC to convert this analog threshold voltage.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi the threshold is just a 2V value so I will just be comparing that in digital form. But I wanted to know what component I should use? Once the digital converted voltage comes out the ADC, what should I feed it into to compare?