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    Beacon communication + normal communication same time



      I am thinking about a problem where I need your help. My device has two scenarios:




      1 Scenario)


      The device acts as a simple BLE beacon where it should transmit sensor data every 10 seconds, or whenever a user hits a button this Information should be transmitted. 


      Should I therefore use the communication via Advertising packages like the beacons do it? How can I grab the data from a specific beacon do I have to transmit the UUID in case I have more beacons? There could be more the 200 devices in the same room would that be a problem?




      2 Scenraio)


      I want to use the same device a a Gamepad where I need to check the buttons periodically so do I need a static connection between the device and a BLE Master (Ipad). This can not be done by simple beacon advertising packets right? I need to establish a real connection?


      Could I implement both scenarios on the same device?


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