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    FX3 and USB Type C

      Hi all


      I wonder if and how it is possible to connect the FX3 to an USB Type C receptacle and take advantage of the plug reversibility. The basic problem is that on the receptacle the data signals are doubled. So for example the receptacle offers RX1- and RX2- while the FX3 “only” offers RX-. So the question is how I have to interface these lines.


      My Ideas:

      1. Only connect one signal (e.g. RX1- to RX-) and leave RX2- open (same for the other signals) as it is done in the CYUSB3610 Evaluation Board http://www.cypress.com/documentation/reference-designs/type-c-gigabit-ethernet-dongle. But I think this way the advantage of the plug reversibility is not applicable, right?
      3. Shorten both signals (e.g. RX1- shorted with RX2- and connected to RX2) (same for the other signals). I don’t know if the host supports this, I didn’t found any information for this.
      5. Using a crossbar switch that routes the correct signal to the FX3. (I hope I can avoid this in my design).

      Have you other suggestions or did anybody found a good reference design? Thank you for your help.


      With best regards