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    Problem with CY7C68013A



      I am a beginner of using CY7C68013A. I have tried to use bulkloop example to test my CY7C68013A board. It can be run and connected to PC properly. Then, I try the cystream example, after I downloaded the complied hex file using Control Center. The board cannot be recognized as Cypress device in both the control center and cystreamer in PC, but the driver can run without problem.


      How can I solve this? Thank you very much.


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          Are you able to see the device in the device manager under the "USB Controllers" section? If not, you have to manually bind the driver via device manager.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            I need linux drivers for CY7C68013A_56LTXC . I want your help! Please send me them via Email. 


            Thanks in advance for you cooperation.

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              Hi, I am also a beginner of using CY7C68013A and have a similar problem. I followed instructions in AN65209. After I successfully downloaded the AN65209\FX2LP Bulkloop Firmware\bulkloop.hex using "USB Control Center"  the board cannot be recognized as Cypress device in  "USB Control Center".


              In Windows 10 device manager the CY7C68013A appears correctly as "Cypress FX2LP No EEPROM Device" before downloading.  After the download the CY7C68013A appears as "Cypress FX3 USB BulkloopExample Device". But according to AN65209 it should appear as "Cypress USB BulkloopExample". The strange thing is the FX3 in the sample name which I think indicates that the sample is for a USB 3.0 peripheral controller. But I downloaded the sample from cypress_com/file/44951/download  on the page "AN65209 - Getting Started with FX2LP™"


              I used the Win10\x64 CYUSB3 driver from cypress_com/file/215296/download


              Best Regards,


              Klaus Roesch

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                I was able to solve this myself. There are different versions of FX2 Bulk Loop sample on cypress_com.


                The above problem appears only with the "FX2LP Bulkloop Firmware" sample from 2013. The older version with folder name "BulkLoop" from 2011 does not have the above problem. With the older version, the board will be recognized as Cypress device in  "USB Control Center". 


                The newer "FX2LP Bulkloop Firmware" sample is also much more complex than the "BulkLoop" from 2011.

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                  it seems the bulkloop example from the Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7 is the only one that does not try to write to the 7 segment display of the DVK evaluation board. All the others do try that and wait for write success, which never is acheved on boards not having the 7 segment display.


                  If you happen to have a board different from the original cypress evaluation board, you have to remove this writing to the 7 segment display (including the wait for write success) and rebuild the firmware in order to have a running firmware.


                  I modified the streamer firmware from the Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7 accordingly and now the streamer app finds the programmed device and runs with it.

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                    As Frank mentioned, the firmware examples that use the 7-segment display will not work on custom boards. This is because these firmware examples are provided to test the functionality with the CY3684 DVK. The CY3684 has on-board I2C expander ICs which might not be used with custom boards. Hence, the default firmware examples that use these 7-segment LEDs or the push buttons present on the CY3684 boards will get stuck during enumeration and would not be seen in the Control Center.


                    To avoid this problem, the following two lines implemented in the firmware must be commented out.


                    EZUSB_WriteI2C(LED_ADDR, 0x01, &(Digit[AlternateSetting]));



                    Best regards,

                    Srinath S