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    IIC communication error. SCL and SDA keeps low



      I am using a master MCU to communicate with touch board which is powered by CY8C4014LQI-422. The master uses io simulated iic and CY8C4014LQI-422 uses EZI2C. EZI2C is configured as 400Kbps and 8bits sub address. The whole system works normally. But there is a chance that IIC SCL is pulled low by CY8C4014LQI-422 and keeps low forever. There is no specific way to duplicate this issue. And I tried to reset CY8C4014LQI-422 by pulling XRES to GND. The whole system can return back to normal again. 


      Anyone can show me why this could happen and how to deal with it? Great appreciation.


      BTW, the Enable wakeup from deep sleep mode is checked. 




      Best Regards