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    C++ NOT .NET

      CyUSB.dll is a .NET dll.  Do you have anything that is unmanaged C++?   If you do not have an unmanaged version then what is wrong with you guys?

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          what is wrong with you guys? Matthew, this is (as the header tells) a developer forum, so we "guys" are the users of PSoCs in our developments. You are barking up the wrong tree, ask (not bark) Cypress.





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            My apologies Bob, sometimes I let my frustration with Microsoft trying to declare C++ "dead" for user mode development get the better of me.   I know Microsoft had to give up on that, but the position has seemed to infect many third party vendors.  My experience with these community forums is that employees of the company often spend some time answering questions, that is why I asked the question here.  I thought "Other" would be an appropriate place.  Let me ask the question again.


            I am asking the developer community.


            I am going to write some user mode code to talk with a FX2LP device (I am not sure my terminology is correct there). In some of the documentation I see reference to a   CyAPI.lib a C++ interface to the cypress driver.  My question is, is this not supported any longer?  (that seems to be the case)  If not, then is there an alternative C++ API.