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    PSoC5 data types




      We have developed a lot of code for our product that we've been selling the last several years and I made sure to always use the Cypress data types such as char8, uint8, uint16 etc, under the premise that it would make the code transfer cleanly when I went to the PSoC5 or other Cypress devices. All those Cypress data types now give me unknown data type errors. Went back to the LED example program and created a variable int x ; x = 1; no problem. Tried uint8, didn't work. My collegue and I are both using the 3.3 Creator and he's not having the problem and says he didn't have to do anything to make the old code fly. Any ideas?



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          #include <cytypes.h>


          I don't know why that's not done automatically in your project.





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            I went back and looked at the old projects which were started from example code years ago. There was a header file called 'device.h', which had one item 'project.h'. Inside project.h were includes for everything else. I replicated that and it worked and probably fixed some outta sight outta mind stuff as well.


            Thanks, looks like I'm off and running.



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              I have another question. The data types flash back and forth from regular black text to color as I type.  Is there anyway to shut that off? It's annoying and interferes with the development flow because it makes you feel as though you're doing something wrong.