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    Making a Mux/Dmux use Non-BUS Select Inputs

      Here is a solution to driving a 1/4 Mux from a Control Register without having to use a BUS.


      There are many times in which we need to drive a mux's select input without using BUS because we want to gain access to any single bit to drive other logic.  That is not possible when using BUS.


      If anybody knows how to make the Mux/Dmux select inputs accept NonBus signals (ie multiple single bits) please point us in the direction of the solution. Presently we are using the below 1/4 emulation by gluing together three 1/2 Muxs.  This works but it is busy and it probably wastes resources in the PSOC4.


      We are having problems pasting in Schematic using FireFox ....so we have attached schematic as well.