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    How to enlarge one transfer package size of pBulkEpIn->BeginDataXfer (2GByte)


      Hi everyone,


      I faced a problem as blow:


      if  record_size = 1024*512*2048 (1GByte) and img_buffer_record = (UCHAR *)calloc(record_size, 1);


      pContext = pBulkEpIn->BeginDataXfer(img_buffer_record, record_size, &oRdOvLap)


      this transfer works well.




      if  change the record_size to 1024*512*4096 (2GByte), the BeginDataXfer will crash, which means the max single transfer size of BeginDataXfer is 1GByte.


      But in my project , I hope the single transfer size is as large as possible.


      So is there any solution to enlarge the package size?




      thank you all.!!!