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    How can I gain access to SCB HW_UART RX/TX without going off-chip

      Has anybody ever had a need to connect the serial stream (both Tx & Rx) from a SCB Hardware Uart to internal logic for mux-ing demux-ing before sending to an external psoc pin?  I am struggling with how to do that since the HW_UART using an SCB goes directly to psoc external pin.  I could solve the problem by sending the signal back into the psoc on another pin but that would waste 2 pins.


      The attachment shows what I'm trying to do...ie on the left is my HW_UART and on the right is an example of simple serial data routing logic.  I basically just want to go directly from the UART into my logic without having to go off-chip.  As you can see there is not a connection between the two because I don't know of a way to separate the SCB HW_UART away from the dedicated pin.