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    BLE 4.2: Direct advertising report when direct address is not RPA



      The cypress Proc4 BLE gives direct advertising report event, even when the direct address from the advertising device is not resolvable private address (Section, BLUETOOTH SPECIFICATION Version 4.2 [Vol 2, Part E]).


      In detail:


      I am using the CY5676A PRoC module in HCI mode, with the latest Bluetooth component(v3.10). The UART pins on the module receive/send the commands/events from/to a computer using script.


      The advertising device has non-zero IRK and the scanning device has zero IRK, and the advertiser is set for direct advertising high duty cycle. The peer device is set for scanning with filter policy 2 or 3. What the script expects is a advertising report, while what the scanning device generates is a direct advertising report.


      Anyone faced the same issue? Is there already a bug fix on this?