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    Help newbie to understand design structure (SPI/I2C)

      Hi :)


      I am starting a project and I need some advice on how to start it in the best way. I have good nowlegde in overall programming and basic knowledge in posc architecture. For the project I will use PsoC 4100 M series.


      My task is to:


      1) Read out sensor data via SPI as fast as possible, therefore I want to use one SCB as an SPI Master.


      2) Do basic floatingpoint arithmetic and calculation of the sensor data.


      3) provide this calculated data to get read by an external I2C/SPI Master. Therefore I would use an unconfigured SCB as I2C / SPI Slave depending on a pin state or something.




      I attached a picture of the structure for better understanding. I appreciate every hints or advice of my plan and would be also happy for documents and examples which works in the same direction. But the main question is, is this the correct way in handling my problem?




      Thanks and best regards,


      Nils :)