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    PSoc 4 BLe Timer problem

      Hi, I'm using a '042-BLE' kit here and it's working fine. But I can't get a timer interrupt to work. Here is the main code:


       * ========================================
      #include <project.h>


      uint16 ms_count = 0;
          if(ms_count == 1000)
              {               // 1 second
              LED_2_Write(!LED_2_Read()); // Toggle LED
              ms_count = 0; // reset ms counter
      int main()
          Timer_Start(); // Configure and enable timer
          Timer_ISR_StartEx(MY_ISR); // Point to MY_ISR to carry out the interrupt sub-routine
          CyGlobalIntEnable; // Enable global interrupts
              // Infinite loop for timer/interrupt to keep executing


      The pin output is square running at 900us, not 1 second I had hoped for. Changing the clock frequency makes no difference.


      This is going to be such a silly problem, I'm already embarrassed, but I've at this for some time and I can't see what is wrong.


      Project is  attached.