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    EddyStone GATT Configuration Service

      I have been working on Eddystone Protocol ,I am currently Working on PSOC 4 BLE pioneer kit with  the Example program given by Cypress Semiconductor for BLE_pioneer_guide.


      I was successfully able to get the Eddystone URL,but when I try to configure the Eddystone GATT configuration its not writing the URL.


      One more thing I have observed in the PDF where Explanation of Eddystone is given ,the Service ,Charateristics and Custom UUID which have been given in PDF have been updated by Eddystone Github page.Link for Same I have given below.




      So when I am configuring From other App like physical Web ,I am not able to Discover and connect to the Eddystone GATT configuration Service.


      In the page its stated that the custom UUID for the Service is made for interoperablity.


      If this is true ,can @cypress or anyone else open the Project to update the Document guide and Example program 




      Thanks ,