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    PSoc 4 + Observer - Cannot detect device already started


      Good day, 


      I am currently working with the code from the Observer  in order to find devices which are in the vicinity of the the main board. My setup is the following: 


      - A PSoc4 board (called main) with the Observer code running on it;


      - 2 x PSoc4 boards with Peripheral and Broadcaster code running on them.


      The Observer sees both devices without problem. However, I have to power them after the Observer runs. Is there a way for the Observer to notice them if they are already running?


      I am trapping the event CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON with the event handler and I start the scanning from there with the CYBLE_SCANNING_FAST parameter. The following is my Bluetooth module's configuration:

      • Discovery procedure: General
      • Scanning state: Active
      • Filter policy: All
      • Scan window: 50 ms
      • Scan interval: 100 ms

      The profile is selected in the General Tab and the following is set:

      • Profile: Custom
      • Profile role: Client (GATT Client)
      • GAP role: Central

      Besides that, nothing else has been modified from the original code. 


      Thanks for your help.