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    SPI FLASH programming fails through vivado



      We are using SPI flash (S25FL512S) as boot flash for virtex 7 fpga.  In my case i can able to read device id, memory size etc. when i try to program the SPI flash through indirect programming, it fails. Is there any driver issue?  I read this link http://www.cypress.com/file/193026/download and found that this chip is supported by xilinx. 


      Can anyone help me to resolve this?




      Chellam V

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          Hi Chellam:


          Thank you very much for using Cypress products.


          I need some more information on how you are trying to program the device. Since you are successful in reading the IDCODE, this tells me that the device is alive. 


          Please prove all the steps starting from so that I cna then debug what is going wrong. Are you using our Low Level Drivers?


          Thanks & Best Regards,


          Suhail Zain

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            Apologize for all the spelling mistakes - should have run spell check.


            What I need is the following:


            Please provide all the steps you are using to program the device. If you are using our low level drivers, please include those APIs.




            Suhail Zain

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              Hi Suhail,


              Thanks for the reply. 


              We are using xilinx vivado 2015.2 tool to download the image to flash chip. I can able to read device id but can't able to program. 


              One more observation, While programming we enabled options like erase, program, and verify. In this case, erase is successful but programming is failed. what could be the issue if programming is failed? 


              Also enabled erase and blank check option. This time also erase is showing successful but blank check fails with error "the part is not blank" . This means whether erase is happening or not?




              Chellam V

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                Have you resolved the issue?  I've got the same problem on the Pactron FX3S dev board.  Erasing the flash is fine, but the actual programming failed with errors, and that rendered my dev board useless!!!!

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                  The default erase in Vivado erases only the size of the file in use, and a blank check afterwards normally fails with cypress flash. However, it appears to work if the entire device was erased first before programming it again. Vivado has an option  to  erase the entire device which, unfortunately takes a lot longer. The "entire device" was used only in erase, not in programming.

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