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    Maximum amount of pwm in psoc4


      I am testing my code in a CY8C4247LQI-BL483 device (pioneer ble board) but I have in mind to develop a board to the end device.




      Now we have a project in which we control 6 pwm outputs with no problem. But now we have been asked to control 18 pwm outputs. I read that it was possible (http://www.cypress.com/blog/psoc-sensei-blog/how-many-pwm-outputs-can-psoc-3-or-5-generate says that 48 can be possible). I tried adding 18 pwm and I received an error. Then, I realize that pwm blocks can be configured with 2 outputs so at least I got 12 outputs right now: 4 pwm and 4 tcpwm.




      I can't add more tcpwm blocks. I get: Resource limit: Maximum number of Timer/Counter/PWM exceeded (max=4, needed=10)


      I also have an adc with 2 inputs, one button to generate interrupts, ble unit and 3-4 input pins to measure battery level or that kind of stuff. I tried removing adc sar req but I get the same response. What can I do? Is there a bigger psoc proccesor which can handle 18 pwm and all the stuff I get? On the contrary, what could we do to solve this? 2 psoc talking by uart? 




      I can't upload the project since it is not mine but my company. Sorry for that. But I could upload a couple of images in case you need them to see how we added pwm or something like that.