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    PRoC PWM Drive to LED : Powerup State Control Problem


      I am controlling an LED's brightness using TCPWM line out to drive the cathode with the LEDs anode connected to VCC. I am also running BLE stack.


      When the PRoC CYBLE-022001-00 first powers up, the LED is turned on for a while until the PWM is initialized to generate a high output on it's 'line' port... which I connected to an output pin.


      How can I set the PWM components 'line' output to be high at initial powerup of the module?


      How do I see the ARMs program memory opcode to single step starting from it's reset vector address at powerup?


      It seems there is startup code executing which is esoteric and non-alterable to the programmer which makes me question exactly how much control is exposed to the designer in these GUI based IDEs. This lack of startup control anomaly is a classic example.