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    Programming to Acquire CY8C4013SXI-400

      I'm writing software to create a programmer for this IC. 


      I'm using the PSoC 4 TRM as a reference, which instructs me to reference the "PSoC 4 Device programming specifications" document, which links to  CY8C41xx, CY8C42xx programming Specifications.  This may be the source of my issue, but I'm not able to find programming documentation specific to my IC.  So I pressed forward using this document.


      Following the linked guide - Step 1. Acquire chip, flowchart is on Page 18, Pseudocode is on 19.  I run into issues when my IC no longer ACKs after the 2nd read during "ReadIO(CPUSS_SYSREQ, out status)" line, and all further SWD instructions no longer ACK.


      I also have a MiniProg3, so I checked how it works using the Read command of the PSoC Programmer utility, and it seems to work differently than the datasheet suggests.


      Is there a datasheet for programming the CY8C4013SXI-400?  Or can I at least be given the steps to do this? I can scope out the entirety of the MiniProg3 communications, but this is extremely time consuming - I don't have hardware that can decode SWD instructions..