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    Uart at 4Mbps.



      Right now, I am using fx3 uart at baud rate of 115200 for file transfer. I want to use uart at much higher baud rate 4Mbps. I change the baud uart config as given below(also changed buad rate on imx Uart to 4Mbps). But i am not able to get desired result, almost half of data packet lost.


      uartConfig.baudRate = CY_U3P_UART_BAUDRATE_4M;


      uartConfig.stopBit = CY_U3P_UART_ONE_STOP_BIT;


      uartConfig.parity = CY_U3P_UART_NO_PARITY;


      uartConfig.txEnable = CyTrue;


      uartConfig.rxEnable = CyFalse;


      uartConfig.flowCtrl = CyFalse;


      uartConfig.isDma = CyFalse;


      I even try at lower baud rate , it is working at 230400. But at baud rate higher than 230400 it is not working. Do i need to make other changes in uart configuration apart from baud rate to achieve desired rate.


      Please help me in this regard.