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    Bootloader POR settings


      I'm trying to add a bootloader to my project.  I get the following error:


      "The Power on Reset (POR) setting for each Port must match between the Bootloadable and corresponding Bootloader projects. Port '12' has values 'Pulled Down' and 'Hi-Z Analog Unbuffered' between the projects respectively. Edit the POR setting for the given port in one project so that it matches the other."


      How do I change the POR setting for the given port?

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          In the pin configuration dialog you find a "Reset" tab. There you can set the POR property.





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            OK, thanks.  I found the 'RESET' tab.  My bootloader only has 2 pins and their POR states are both 'Don't Care'.  I can't figure out why I'm still getting this error.  I've attached my project for your review.

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              It is in topdesign page 3 the pin IO_INT.


              Additionally I would suggest to update components to latest version.





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                The build error in your project is based on the NVL value from the bootloader hex file.Does your bootyloader uses port 12. If the bootloader does not use port 12, its value is set to the default (Hi Z). When the bootloadable is built, it compares its own value (Pull Down) to the bootloader's (Hi Z) and detects a conflict even though the bootloader's value is irrelevant in this case. The bootloader defines all of the NVL values because they must be set at programming time and can not be updated by the bootloadable design. The bootloadable must exactly match the bootloader for all NVL settings.To resolve this issue you can try following this step,


                1).In the bootloader project, add pin to port 12. Configure these pin with the Pull Down drive mode. This will cause the NVL data to match between the bootloader and bootloadable.(Set pin(12,0) in the bootloadable project also pull down).