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    DEEP SLEEP mode & BLE




      I have a problem with deepSleep mode. I have Client and Server, that communicate together. When Server sends the new date, it has to sleep for 1 second.



      if(data_send == TRUE){   LED_Control(RED);   data_send = FALSE;   ConnectionStop();   CyBle_EnterLPM(CYBLE_BLESS_DEEPSLEEP);   CySysPmDeepSleep();   //waiting for wake-up   CyBle_ExitLPM();   LED_Control(BLUE);   ResetControlValue();  }//end if



      Do I have to use CyBle_EnterLPM(CYBLE_BLESS_DEEPSLEEP) or only CySysPmDeepSleep()? I have a problem with wake-up. After wake-up BLE the communication between Client and Server  doesn't work....