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    ISR codes gets lost



      I keep on losing my ISR code wirtten inside CY_ISR(intoncmp_Interrupt) function in intoncmp.c file.  After writing and saving it remains there but when i upload the code or open the file some other time , code vanishes automaticaly.


      How can i resolve this issue?





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          How can i resolve this issue?


          Don't use this way of injecting code into generated files. When they are re-generated they might get overwritten.


          There are some clearly marked placed where you may insert declarations or code. Only those areas will survive a re-buld.


          There are two other ways to control the code flow for interrupt handlers:


          Using the Component_StartEx() API (explained in the component's datasheet)


          or using "macro callbacks"  (explained in Creator Help)


          I (personally) do not tamper one of the generated .c files (to be quite honest, I rarely do look into them at all). I prefer using StartEx() which allows me to delete from time to time all the generated files (keeping a workspace bundle quite small) and re-generate them at need.





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            Thank you.

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              You are always welcome!




              Be creative ;-)