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    Using two modules/antennas to measure relative position (RSSI)



      In my application, I need to measure relative position between my device and 3rd party BLE device in one axis. I need to know if 3rd party device is on the left of my device or on the right. First solution that came to my mind is to use one BLE module with RF switch and 2 antennas. Then it is possible to measure RSSI on both antennas. This will tell if the device is closer or farther to/from each antenna. However, this add some complexity to the project (complex antenna tuning).


      I wonder if I can use 2 BLE modules with built-in antennas and somehow coordinate them to do the job. Is it possible to simulate single BD_ADDR device using 2 actual modules? It would be nice to avoid double pairing with 2 modules. I would like to use one module as the master controller and another one as the radio frontend only.


      Thank you for any suggestions.