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    CYBLE-022001-00 and KitProg




      I have a CY8CKIT-059 and would like to know if its programmer part may be used to program a CYBLE-022001-00 PRoC BLE module.


      Page 5 of http://www.cypress.com/file/157966/download lists the PRoC BLE as a programable device, so I assume it is possible?


      Thank you,

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          Welcome in the forum, Lars.


          Although the CYBLE-022001-00 is not (yet) in my device list for Creator you will be able to program it after updating Cypress Creator, Programmer and Kitprog to support your device. As for now, it will not work yet, but an update is announced by Cypress.


          I would suggest you to get in contact with Cypress directly: At top of this page select "Design support -> Create a Support Case" and ask your question. You will be helped by a Cypress engineer.




          PS: Where in Germany are you located? I live near Bremen.

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            Hello Bob,


            thank you for your reply. Although you pretty much answered my question, I am going to create a ticket as suggested.


            I moved to Düsseldorf recently.