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      1/ I plan to use the above BLE microcontroller in a battery powered application, connecting to a cell phone.


      2/ I intend to put the micro into DEEP-SLEEP to save as much power as possible.


      3/  Will I have to periodically 'wake up' my application and advertise ? or is there a 'broadcast type' message sent out by my cell phone,


      which my application recognizes and 'wakes up ' ?




      4/ Will I have to turn on the Receive side of the BLE to recognize a 'broadcast type message' ?




      or will I have to use an external chip to monitor the frequencies & interrupt the micro ?

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          When the BLE device is advertising, packets for advertisement event are sent by the device after every advertisement interval. An advertisement event automatically wakes up the BLE device from deep sleep by internally triggering a BLESS interrupt. A similar explanation can be provided when the peer devices are connected. Please refer to the application note AN92584 for more details.