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    CTS and RTS UART

      Hi everyone,


      For a project I am using a PSoC4BLE. But there is no USB available with PSoC4 familly so I will use a CY7C65213:




      I want to be sure, I just need to connect RX and TX of the chip to the PSoC right? There are no CTS and RTS available on UART PSoC?




      Thank you

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          The UART component V2.50 has CTS and RTS signals if you turn them on.  What Device are you using in the PSOC4BLE family? The PSOC 5lp board has a USB component.

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            Oh yes you are right (i was using a standard UART instead of 2.5)


            I am using PSoC CY8C4247LQUI, I need the bluetooth and USB that's why I need a USB-UART component,


            Do you recommand to use CTS RTS pins or I can just use TX and RX?




            Thank you

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              You asked about CTS and RTS that depends on your application.  They are not used much anymore.  The UART component can be queried by using interrupts.  Read the data sheet on the component.  I would add the PSOC 5lp component to your design as it has the USB and also provides more resources.  "You can buy the CY8CKIT-043 it has pads for a PSOC Ble device CYBLE-022001-00. Then you have your ble device and a great board with lots of resources.

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                Okay thank you very much, as you said I will use interrupts generated so it's fine. I think the PSoC4's ressources are enough for my application just send data via bluetooth.