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    Interfacing a glucometer with Psoc.



      I'm working on a project and it's my first time using the psoc but i am getting familiar with it and I like it. I want to read some data stored in a glucometer through the serial port. I have two questions.


      1- I want to use the pins 1[2] and 1[4] to connect to the RX and TX of the glucometer and once I have the data in the psoc, i want to use the usb-to-uart bridge to send the data to the computer and be able to see if i am getting the data correctly. So total i will be using two UART in the psoc. I would like to know if i can do this or I am only allowed to use one UART and the pins 12[6] and 12[7] to connect to the glucometer?.


      2- So far, I am not using any external voltage supply and I want to power the blucometer module using the voltage coming from the kitprog (VTARG) using the pins VDD and GND in the psoc. I will use and external supply when everything is working but right now I don't have any available. I want to make sure that i am connecting everythig well before try it and avoid any problem.




      Ps. I am using the Psoc 5LP and english is not my first language, so if there is anything that is not clear please let me know and i will try to explain it better.


      Thanks in advance.