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    Reading From an Output Pin


      In the hardware design (PSoC Creator 3.3, PSoC 4 Prototyping Kit) I use some digital components with external inputs to decide how to set a digital output with hardware connection outside the PSoC. This works quite good. Now I want to read this output and use the value in the c-program to display additional stuff on the LCD-Display. But I have no luck in getting a value from the output-pin.


      I start with defining a variable...

      int CutOffVariable = 1

      and later I'm polling the digital output "Cut_Off" with...

      CutOffVariable = Cut_Off_Read();

      but the variable doesn't change although I measure that the the hardware pin has changed it's status.


      I tried also with ...

      CutOffVariable = Cut_Off_ReadDataReg()

      but I had no luck,  probably don't understand the format of the returned value.


      Any ideas how to solve this problem?