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    Measuring multiple thermistors independently using PSoC 5LP



      I am using the CY8CKIT-001 PSoC Development kit with the PSoC 5LP to measure the temperature of five thermistors. Looking at AN6477 shows how to measure thermistors in parallel or in series. However, since I do not want my thermistors to be in series or in parallel, I wanted to modify the PSoC 4 thermistor measurement circuit in Figure 11 to work with the PSoC 5LP since I would not be limited by the number of opamps or DACs this way. However, I was unable to successfully build this circuit because of errors like "Signal "Net_1596" is expected to connect to only one GPIO analog pin but instead it connects to "AMux_CYAMUXSIDE_A". Please fix the connection."


      Any suggestions? Attached my projects.