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    Storing IMU data on SD card





      I'm working on a project that stores data from an IMU (MPU-9150) on a SD card. I'm using a PSoC 4 (CY8CKIT-049-4xxx). The connection between the IMU and PSoC is I2C and SPI between SD card and PSoC. To store data I have used the SDCard example as template:



      My issue is that I am looking to store data at atleast 1KHz and at the moment it is logging at something closer to 40Hz! 


      I have a feeling that the filepointer process is taking too many resources.. 


      I kindly ask for some feedback. 

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          Can you please let me know how did you observe 40Hz data storage speed. I have gone through the project. The SCB component in SD card is configured as 5kbps data rate. Could you please provide more details by providing CRO snap shot, so it could help us to debug the issue further.




          Ramesh B