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    Not able to read the device id of nand flash(S34ML01G1) {not detected in u-boot}

      Hi everyone,


      we are using spansion nand flash(S34ML01G100T1000) on our custom board interfaced with DM385 processor, and with the ipnc_rdk for the software.


      i am trying to detect the nand flash from u-boot without any luck. (objective is to implement nand boot), the procedure used here is trying to read the device id of the nand from u-boot, if successful will in-turn conform the communication between the nand and processor.


      when i try to print maf_id & dev_id i'm getting 0x17 & 0x17. and i'm getting No NAND device found in uboot.


      am i doing anything wrong, if yes please correct me.


      can you guys kindly guide me with relevent documents or forum links which will help me understand how exactly the nand is made accessible from the u-boot.


      thanks in advance for your valuable time and help.