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    FX3 EEPROM and SODIMM Serial Presence Detect EEPROM


      We have a Superspeed Explorer Kit board that we are using with a Xilinx KC705 Eval Board. We are wanting to read the temperature and serial presence detect EEPROM from the SODIMM on the Xilinx board through the I2C of the FX3. The serial presence detect EEPROM of the SODIMM uses a preamble address of A0 for the address and then you can set the lower 3 bits of the address by how the bits are configured on the SODIMM socket. In our case they are all 0. Unfortunately it looks like the EEPROM of the Superspeed Explorer Kit uses I2C address A0 or B0 according to page 50 of the Superspeed Explorer Kit User Guide. Does anyone know of  a way around this conflict ? Has anyone had a FX3 on a board with a SODIMM?