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    Interested in using Broadcom’s Windows stack for Windows 7?


      If you are interested in using Broadcom’s BTW (Bluetooth for Windows) stack for Windows 7, you will first require a Broadcom-based BT dongle, such as several I found that are available on Amazon (make sure that it says Broadcom or WIDCOMM somewhere in description or reviews):






      Once you have a Broadcom based dongle to use, you can download the latest software here:  http://www.broadcom.com/support/bluetooth/update.php.


      When you install the software, make sure you disable any non-Broadcom based radio you have running on your PC or you will encounter errors (the software looks for a Broadcom radio).


      When you install the software, the required DLL and drivers needed for BLE applications will be installed for you.


      You can then use the samples provided in the WICED Smart SDK to learn how to access the BTWLEAPIs.


      For example see WICED-Smart-SDK\Apps\RAM\hello_sensor\HelloClient\Windows. This includes a project, a header file (btwleapis.h) and some classes that are useful for developing Windows based applications.


      The btwleapis.h header file is actually pretty well documented as well.

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