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    emFile issues with PSoC5LP

      I followed the instructions for downloading the headers and library files for the emFile module and everything builds and links fine. But before I get into my problem with not being able to write to the SD Card, it appears that even if I don't have my SD Card wired up to my psoc, FS_GetVolumeName() always returns a name of "mmc:0:" and FS_GetNumVolumes() always returns 1. What would cause this? 

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          The default volume name is mmc:0:. So even if there is no card connected it will show value 0.Can you use the code snippet given below.


          if(0 == (status_t = FS_GetVolumeInfo("mmc:0:0", pInfo)))//default volume name is mmc:0:0
                      /* Getting volume name succeeded so prompt it on the LCD */
                      LCD_PrintString("SD card name:");
                      LCD_Position(1, 0);


          Can you check if this code snippet is working as expected if SD Card is not connected?





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            Oh cool. That worked. I wonder if I just goofed up my wiring. After I made this post when tried this other sdcard library for the psoc4 and ran into some issues with that due to the wiring.