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    how to code for custom ble profile as client

      I have two cyble022001-00 module.with reference to how to create custom ble profile (rgb led) i created one custom profile with one cherecterestic having only one data as a value and try to write that data from cysmart on mobile and its successfully. now i want to program other device as client so i got reference from heart rate collector project and reached up to level device is connected now i want to read cherestricts value and want to change for that i don't know how to register function like "void HeartRateCallBack(uint32 event, void* eventParam)" is there any document for "how to create custom ble profile as a client"????


      i try this " apiResult=CyBle_GattcDiscoverAllCharacteristics(cyBle_connHandle,handelrange);" but got invalid parameter error.




      here i attach project 


      design01 is as server peripheral. 


      design03 is as client central.