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    Analog Routing Error when using SAR ADC


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      i want to create a measurement system using the cy8ckit-044 Pionner Kit. Therefore i need to use the SAR ADC with multiple analog inputs. I want to use 12 different analog inputs but i always get the error message "unable to fin a solution for the analog routing". When using 10 Inputs it works perfectly fine. I have used the 8 SAR ADC Pins from Port 2 + 2 Pins from a different Port. From my experience it doesnt matter which Pins i use for the last 2 but when adding another Channel to the SAR ADC I get this error. Is there a way to fix this or can i only have 10 analog Inputs? In the datasheet of the SAR ADC it says i can have up to 16 Channels. I have attached to project.


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      Christian Fischer