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    AP and Client modes simultaneously?

      Before I start diving into learning WICED I figured I'd ask here if what we want to do is possible using the BCM43362.


      Is it possible to build a WiFi application that operates in both AP and Client modes at the same time? In other words, it simultaneously connects to another AP and it broadcasts it’s own SSID and accepts connections from clients. I don’t need any TCP/IP bridging or switching between the two networks and it would be OK if the two networks operate on the same WiFi channel.


      Let me know, thanks!


      PS. I really appreciate this initiative by Broadcom to have these free tools and support forums.

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          The functionality you refer to we call "APSTA" and the SDK has a snippet application (snip.apsta) that demonstrates how to do it.

          The functionality is restricted in that it forces the STA and AP to be on the same channel however it is possible to change the channel of the AP dynamically.