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    Level Compatability and VIO selction for S29GL032N11TFIV20



      I am using S29GL032N11TFIV20 deivce with VCC = +3.3V and VIO = +2.5V. The data sheet defines the voltage range of these pins as VCC=2.7V-3.6V and VIO=1.65V-3.6V . DC Characteristics of the device described in the datasheet is also given a note for VIL, VIH , VOL and VOH levels as


      5. VIO = 1.65–1.95 V or 2.7–3.6 V.




      This condition does not include VIO = +2.5V. Kindly suggest what will be the VIL, VIH , VOL and VOH levels for VCC = +3.3V and VIO = +2.5V.




      Thanks in Advance,