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    Pull-ups in 4000S Devices


      Hi, just got the CY8CKIT-041-40XX kit that have a 4000S device.


      I'm trying to do some basic logic gates with the SmartIO component, i'm using two input pins and a output pin, i would like to have pull-ups in both input pins but the configuration window i got an error:


      "Use of drive modes which are not High Impedance with hardware-routed input requires a port adapter, but the selected device does not have one."


      I kind of do not understand the error, the devices does not have pull-ups, or the pull-ups are not available for pins that have hw connection option enabled?


      Thanks in advance



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          Got it working, on-board red LED turns on when both external SW are pressed (logic AND) , had to add the pull-ups externally tho (then i invert the input of both switches internally doing a NOT gate on each LUT).


          Still don't understand the previous error message :/







          Seems like the error is triggered when you have the 'HW connection' option enabled, when i place a digital input with the 'HW connection' option disabled i can select the pull-up drive mode with no errors, have to read more about this family to confirm this.