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    Connection interval





      can me sombody help, please...?


      When I call the function to connect: CyBle_GapDisconnect(), the first ble module started to connecting. The second ble is switched off. 


      The first module ist in the state: CYBLE_STATE_CONNECTING a try to connect to second module (its switched off). My problem is,


      that first module is try to connect about 30s. I need to decrease this the time (for example 10s), but where?


      The setting in the connection parameters: min time is set to 7.5ms, max to 30ms, supervision timeout: 1000ms.


      Thank you 

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          This value is stored in the cyBle_connectingTimeout global variable, which has a default value of 30. You can modify this variable directly within your application code before you start the connection request. Note this excerpt from the comment block defining the CyBle_GapcConnectDevice() API method:

              *  A procedure is considered to have timed out if a connection response packet is      *  not received within time set by cyBle_connectingTimeout global variable     *  (30 seconds by default). CYBLE_EVT_TIMEOUT event with CYBLE_GENERIC_TO parameter     *  will indicate about connection procedure timeout. Connection will automatically     *  be canceled and state will be changed to CYBLE_STATE_DISCONNECTED.
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            Thank you for information.....I will test it....:)