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    Small PSOC 4000 family help ! ! !


      I am trying to migrate from Atmel to Cypress.


      I use: PSOC 4000 SOIC-8 package; which contains 8 Pin:




      Pin:      function:


      1          SWD Clock


      2,6,7    GPIOs


      3 -      VCC


      4         VDD


      5        VSS


      8         SWD I/O


      It's very confused to cross reading  the MINIPORG3 datasheet and the PSoc 4000 datasheet.... I got stuck. . . . unable to program????


      At this time I try to use the power supply from the MINIPROG3.


      I am able to 'build' a simple LED lit . . .But to program the chip??




      What is the minimum configuration of the connections between the MINIPORG3 & the PSoc for I can get the MCU programmed.






      ****Please Help!******


      Please ! Please!