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    Setup RTC time using unix timestamp


      I'm attempting to set the current time of my RTC by sending a Unix timestamp from a smartphone to the device. I am successfully able to get the timestamp from my smartphone to the ble device. 


      If I try to just hardcode something to test like this: 


      uint64_t out = 1475591308;


      My RTC clock goes to 1/11/2372 ??  Am I not implementing this right? The method signature in the RTC.h is: 


      RTC_SetUnixTime(uint64 unixTime);


      And the docs say: 


      Sets the time in the Unix/Epoch time format - the number of seconds elapsed from January 1, 1970 UTC 00:00 hrs. 




      Update: I've changed nothing and now when setting the unix time it freezes....story of my life. 


      I'm trying to call RTC_SetUnixTime in my BleCallBack method if that helps at all. 

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          So I was able to fix this by adding in a couple of variables and updating the RTC from the main method instead of my BleCallBack method. So in my main now I have: 


          if (!clockIsUpToDate) {
                clockIsUpToDate = 1;


          I think my issue with this is not fully understanding the c run loop.