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    Help in a new project (mic,sdcard,ble)




      I am new to cypress products, and i have the cyc8kit-042-ble. I'm an electronic student and i have been requested to make a system that have 4 MEMS microphones (3 digitals,1 analog) to record sound, store it to an sdcard (maybe 64gb), send it over bluetooth on user request.
      (The stored files would be analysed later to count words but it is not my part.)
      See first block diagram (look at picture).


      1) Is this all system is possible on the kit i have ? how would it be complicated for a student like me ?
      2) How to connect an sd card to the kit, is there any module/shield compatible ? i didn't find any component in the list (top design) neither some library. What kind of communication ?
      3) What components for the top design would i have to use ? (mic = mems ? , buffers , mux ,etc)
      4) Is there some code to cancel noise, and for wav format ?


      Thank you.


      ps: sorry if there are some english mistakes, it is not my native language.