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    s6e2c2 SDIF driver



      I'm trying to implement the SD card interface driver. I'm writing in c++ (including the drivers for hardware) and I'm not using the PDL driver library (writing everything myself). I sometimes look into the code to see how it should be implemented. For the SD card interface I'm looking at the example : there is a function called "Sdcard_Init", but in the driver library that function is not declared? 


      Another problem that I faced is the register mapping for SDIF. In the datasheet I downloaded from https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/pls/pdf/partA2_300.pdf there is only a mapping until "Host Control Version", the rest of the mapping is missing, but the registers are described in the peripheral manual. I looked up the mapping in the PDL header file, but I want to be sure that mapping is correct.




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