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    SDK Version 1.1.0 Release


      WICED Smart SDK version 1.1.0 is now available in the downloads section.


      Changes for WICED-Smart SDK 1.1.0 include: 

      • New sample applications:
        • Over The Air Firmware upgrade (ota_firmware_upgrade)
        • Firmware upgrade over peripheral uart (uart_firmware_upgrade)
        • SPI master (pressure_sensor and spi_comm_master)
        • SPI slave (spi_comm_slave)
        • I2C connected sensor (temperature_sensor)
      • Application code overlay support (see proximity_plus for an example)
      • Fixed a number of bugs within the application code
      • Added support for downloading applications to EEPROM or SPI Serial Flash
      • Updated conversion and download tools to latest version
        • 2x speed improvements when downloading code
      • Added new and updated existing documentation
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